Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-up blockers are one of the most common reasons login attempts fail.  IM Practice Managers uses pop-up windows for several important functions, including the login process itself.  If there are pop-up blockers running (there may be more than one running at any given moment), the IM Practice Manager site (https://secure.imbills.com/) must be given permission to use pop-ups. Pop-up blockers may result in an error message, or the system may simply appear to do nothing when the "Login" button is clicked.  Be aware that some pop-up blockers may even turn themselves on or change their security settings spontaneously during updates.  Below are basic steps to allow pop-ups for Practice Manager in the three most popular blockers (IE, Google, and Yahoo!):

1.  Go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, select "Pop-up Blocker", and "Pop-up Blocker Settings":
IE Pop-up Blocker
2.  In the window that opens, type "secure.imbills.com" in the field labeled "Address of website to allow".
3.  Click the "Add" button. 
4.  Click the "Close" button on that window.
1.  While on the IM Practice Manager login page, click the pop-up button:
Google popup button
2.  Confirm that the button label changes to:
Google site popups allowed button .
1.  After a failed login attempt for IM Practice Manager, click the  Yahoo! Pop-Up Blocker:
Yahoo! pop-up blocker button 
2.  Select "Always Allow Pop-Ups From". 
3.  Select the site from the "Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups" list (or type "secure.imbills.com"). 
4.  Click "Allow".