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2012 Q1 Code Updates

The Q1 coding updates were posted to the system on January 1, 2012. There were 171 CPTs deleted and 554 CPTs added during the update. RVUs were automatically updated as needed during this update. There were no adjustments made to the favorites list during the update.  Users with mobile devices should do a full sync upon the first use of their mobile device on or after 1/1/2011 to pick up these updates.  Any deleted CPT codes that were a component of a Bundle were also removed from the Bundle, but no replacement codes were automatically inserted in those cases.

Click here to see a detailed list of changes included in this update and previous updates.

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IM Practice Manager Version 1.8.8 Released

Ingenious Med completed development of version 1.8.8.  
Some highlights of version 1.8.8 include:
  • An attending physician field has been added on the Bills tab.
  • Alternate ID field has been added to the Bills tab.
  • In addition to searching by procedure description, users can now search the new procedure grid by CPT code.
Please click here to view detailed information on the features and fixes included in the 1.8.8 release, as well contents of previous versions.

IM MasterCoder Now Available

IM MasterCoder is an integrated, on-demand system that guides physicians through their encounter assessments and the associated documentation requirements in order to arrive at the most appropriate coding level for the encounter.  It can be configured on a per-physician basis, with options to activate 100% of the time (for appropriate encounters), to never activate, or to activate randomly on set percentages of encounters anywhere in between.  It can also be overridden when circumstances obviously indicate a specific level of coding is appropriate.  The MasterCoder functionality is a part of the core IM Practice Manager product, and does not require an additional fee to activate.  Please click here to review detailed information about MasterCoder and learn about ways it can benefit your group.

IE8 Users Should Use "Compatibility View" Mode with IMBills

Users who have chosen to upgrade to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 may experience minor issues with the displays and functionality of IM Practice Manager.  This is easily remedied by setting IE8 into "Compatibility View" mode for the IMBills website.  Please click here to read more about "Compatibility View" mode directly from Microsoft's website if you are unfamiliar with that feature.

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